Collaboration in the sector of thermosetting technology

Thermosetting center

Wittmann Battenfeld are one of the leading manufacturers for injection molding machines with a long history in technology for thermosets and global service. Precupa GmbH is a specialized mold maker with large experience in molds for thermoplastic, thermosetting and liquid silicone rubber materials. Schwarz Plastic Solutions GmbH are technology consultants in the plastic industry with extended experience, especially in thermosetting materials and processes, material testing and characterization.

The E-mobility sector and other industries with electrical appliances require encapsulation of metal parts to ensure high reliability and an extended lifetime of products. Thermosetting materials are the ideal solution for this demand.

Customers require highly automated production processes and best product quality. Since thermosetting injection molding is not as common as thermoplastic molding the collaboration partners have decided to support the requirements of the market

• molding machines with upgraded technology
• implementation of artificial intelligence
• mold tools with integrated sensor technology
• process and structural simulation
• thermal analysis of molds
• product optimization
• mold testing and improvement
• technology training for personnel

All services are offered globally. Molding trials can either be made at the customer’s location or in our own technology center with a brand-new Wittmann Battenfeld molding machine with 2,400 kN clamping force.

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