Consulting, Simulation & Co-ordination

We offer support in optimization of design of parts considering the requirements of the selected material. This is then validated by flow-simulation and structural simulation (finite-element-analysis). Moulds will be checked in their thermal behaviour. Further we offer alternative materials and co-ordinate the collaboration with material suppliers and mould-makers.

Our services in plastic engineering


Simulation – in thermosets and thermoplastics – as important aid for product development: mold-flow simulation and structural analysis by finite-element-analysis.


Feasibility study: Analysis of provided models/drawings in respect of ejection, tolerances and material flow.

Moulds / Processes

Support by validation of new parts and input to improve the design for the chosen polymer.

Education / Inhouse training

We offer inhouse training and education of your staff in R&D, production floor, mould maintenance and quality assurance – specially in thermosets comparing those to thermoplastics.


Support by validation of new parts and input to improve the design for the chosen polymer.

In addition we are offering further services in field of plastic engineering – in particular in thermosets

Project management

External professional project management. Experienced coordinator of projects, which cannot be covered with your own work-force or where dedicated know-how (e.g. implementation of a thermoset molding line) is not existing. A broad spectrum of activities can be served by us.


Analysis of incoming RfQ. Customer often require a fast response to new parts by sending out benchmark-RfQ. We can – after detailed clarification of your requirements and expectations – provide the first analysis and calculation.

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