We offer support in many areas of plastic engineering and moulding

We offer to help with plastic orientated layout and design of plastic parts. The validation of such is done by flow-simulation and structural analysis by using finite-element-methods. We assist in material selection, co-ordinate the collaboration with material suppliers and mould-makers and whatever is required in this field. In the following you will find more details about our services in the sector of plastic engineering.


Schwarz Plastic Solutions Kunststoffverarbeitung Simulation

We will do computer-aided calculations to allow giving the following information:

  • fill of the cavity (mold-flow-analysis)
  • analysis of encapsulation processes (electronics)
  • temperature distribution in the mould
  • validation of heating rods and sensors (thermosets)
  • warpage of the product, shear of the plastic
  • behaviour of materials at 2-k products or with inserts
  • mechanical stability of the parts under defined loads (static FEA)

To get the best possible results we are working with latest versions of CAE-software provided from Moldex3D, SolidWorks-Simulation and Creo-Simulation.

Design to plastic requirements

Schwarz Plastic Solutions Kunstoffgerechte Zeichnung

Your design specialists are best in creating a product in line with the overall dimensions of the apparatus and requirements of assembly.

Adapting these new parts to the requirements of plastics, in particular thermosets, and offering suggestions for optimization is our speciality.

We offer support in design following the needs of plastics and validate such modification by using adequate software to do the calculation.


The drawings provided by the customer most of the time are having their origin in other processes or materials (e.g. metal with milling process).

To switch these into plastic is a challenge and very often impossible without introducing major changes in tolerances and basic dimensions.

We support you in working out the feasibility and suggestion of possible tolerances.

Product calculation

Schwarz Plastic engineering

A fast response is required about possible product price and its manufacturing. It is not as easy as it sounds. There are many details to be considered and their relevance to pricing needs to be sorted out.

We can support you by a number of varying calculations, giving you at the same time suggestions for a quick analysis.

First Responder

Schwarz Plastic Solutions Kunstoffverarbeitung

Customers are expecting a first and fast information about available production possibilities, cost and lead-time for a new product. This is causing a lot of extra tension in your team, who are very often involved in other projects at that time.

To cover this gap, we can offer our services in form of a first responder. Based on a frame agreement we will reserve certain capacity to enable you to cover such extra work.

Project management

Schwarz Plastic Solutions Kalkulation Beratung Projekt Management

You just won a new project! Congratulations! But now many things are coming at the same time and the existing team cannot cover it immediately.

We offer the option, to order us as additional external capacity to cover tasks like:

  • Project-coordination
  • Support in the selection of machines and equipment
  • Planning and clarification of technical details with suppliers

We support you in your project with more than 40 years of experience.

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