External project management in the sector of thermosets

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By us offering external project management in the sector of thermosets you will have the option to include us into your team. n such case we would cover projects which due to a lack of capacity you would not be able to take over. In addition we will provide a broad spectrum of consulting services and competent resources.

project management

The implementation of a new product or production line requires intense attention to fulfill the timing plan and the budget.

Should your own in-house capacity not be high enough or the functional platform due to new materials (e.g. thermosets) or new processes (e.g. transfer molding) not be available it helps a lot having an experienced and reliable partner in reach.

In the technology of thermosetting materials in particular we are having long and detailed know-how and experience. By ordering our external project management you may benefit from a large scientific basis and an extended practical background to support your team.

We provide the opportunity to purchase external capacity without having to build up your headcount and by that to cover workload like

  • Project-coordination
  • Support in the selection of machines and equipment
  • negotiations with material suppliers
  • coordination and alignment of mold designers and mold makers
  • technical support of your FMEA team
  • layout of flowcharts
  • support in logistics
  • material orientated amendment of quality plans

transfer to us.

Education and training of staff
The feasibility and item costing