Thermal analysis and validation of mechanical stability

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The thermal analysis and validation of mechanical stability is important information to ensure a high quality production.

By applying the thermal analysis you will reduce or even avoid thermal problems in your mold.

Thermische Analyse und Überprüfung ihrer Festigkeit
Thermal analysis and validation of mechanical stability

El análisis termal está utilizado por moldes termoplásticos para evitar problemas en refrigeración y al mismo momento reduciendo distorsión.

Molds for thermosetting materials are very often equipped with an electrical heating. The positioning of the heating and of the temperature sensors inside the mold are very important. his is typically done based on experience of the mold maker.

We apply thermal simulation in this field and examine the intended or existing mold geometry by using different positions of heating elements and sensors to receive the best possible result. his will avoid time intense and costly modifications of the mold. Finally, it will reduce the time to SOP. The mechanical stability of the mold is an important criterion for dimensionality stable parts.

The commercial request is to build the mold as small and light weighted as possible to allow the usage of smaller machines. f, due to the lightweight design, the mold does not serve the requested quality level on the part it is difficult to improve the mold later on. The structural simulation will help to understand the consequences and the results will be shared with you and your mold maker.

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