The feasibility and item costing

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Feasibility and product calculation for a new part require a high level of attention. Analyzing the feasibility, including all required machines and equipment and applying the possible impacts for the calculation of product prices are important milestones on the way to the purchase order.

Will new materials (e.g. thermosets) or production methods (e.g. compression molding) be part of the RFQ, additional know-how may be needed.

Schwarz Plastic Solutions costing
The feasibility and item costing

Let us imagine that a customer is sending an RFQ for new part. The intended material is thermosetting plastic. You are interested in such RFQ, but your experience is based on thermoplastic material only. In such case you may include us for your support.

We will help to validate the RFQ, analyze together with you the drawing and the additional requirements and support your team in the feasibility study and the product calculation.

In brief: due to an experienced support you will be able to judge, whether this new field is of interest to you. It will further allow you to convince your customer by a sound quotation.

If you reach the status of ongoing conversations with your customer we may support you here as well.

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