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Mold testing by Schwarz Plastic Solutions

Doing the first molding trials, improving the function of a new mold and finding the ideal process parameters can be a challenge. If new technology (e.g. thermosets) is coming into place the challenge will be even higher. In such case we offer to do the first sample production together with you.

Process optimization is a key to profitability of a new product.

We can support you actively and with a large background in this task.

Mold testing

If Schwarz Plastic Solutions are doing molding trials with your mold, the process optimization and finding the correct process parameters is of high importance, as these parameters will be fixed later on for the series production. With little experience several problems may occur which may put the first sample production into danger.

The reasons may be found in the mold, in the process, in the material or even in a combination of all elements. A lot of experience is necessary to encounter the reason and find countermeasures.

We are able to support you in such sample production at your molding machine in order to find potential root causes. In the near future we will be able to do such molding trials on our own injection molding machine in the laboratory.

Finding the correct parameter settings is an important element of our work

Get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you!

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